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About Our Craft Program a program designed by the Precious Minds Children Center for children ranging from infancy through age twelve. The specific goals of this program are:

1) providing children with an opportunity to develop their cognitive, social and fine motor skills in a nurturing environment,
2) Increase social awareness, discover the joys of learning while making lasting relationships,
3) provide cultural enrichment activities to encourage acceptance of other children of diverse backgrounds,
4) help children develop the essential skills for a healthy, well-balanced life through music and art.

This experience provides children an opportunity to explore and learn how to bake or make their favorite foods such as; pizza or muffins, etc. They will also learn about measurements and how to decorate foods. This activity will stimulate thought process (cognitive skills) and encourage them to work with their peers to achieve a common goal.

Story time allows for interactive reading of stories that are age appropriate. The Children’s Library provides for a great resource. Precious Minds Children Center will partner with the elementary schools to help each child achieve their maximum potential.

Through a variety of art activities, children will be able to express their creative abilities and/or imagination through drawing and sponge painting. Children will have an opportunity to explore the world through color and texture.
Free play:
A center wouldn’t be a center without children being able to have fun. Precious Minds will provide age appropriate play materials. We encourage play as it allows children to strategize, establish roles and problem solve. Playtime will also build physical skills like balance, agility and coordination.
Another aspect of free- play is music (Rhythm and Movement). Children will have an opportunity to dance to different styles of music, which promote self-expression.

Monday through Friday: As part of free play, the computer allows for development of fine motor skills through the use of the keyboard and mouse. The various software programs allow children to explore and learn about the world through colorful images, sounds and interactive games.
It helps to enhance creativity and basic problem solving skills. Each part of the program working together (CRAFT) will help children experience the joys of learning, developing their confidence, social skills and individualism, which will prepare them for the future.

** School age children upon arrival are to complete as much of their homework as possible. Some assistance will be provided.

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Precious Minds Childrens Center partners with parents to provide each child with the right start.
Precious Minds Childrens Center is a home-based day care center, which provides a sense of family
and stability for the children we care for. Precious Minds Childrens Center takes great pride in
helping your children understand the value of home life. It helps to give them a strong foundation
as they continue to learn about the world around them.

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Precious Minds Childrens Center provides quality day care and preschool services to the following
Yonkers, Tuckahoe, Eastchester, Bronxville, Hastings On Hudson, Scarsdale, Mount Vernon, Ardsley,
New Rochelle, Dobbs Ferry, Bronx, Hartsdale, Pelham, Larchmont, Irvington, White Plains, Mamaroneck,
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07632, 07640, 07641, 07646, 07647, 07648, 07649, 07650, 07657, 07660, 07666, 07670, 07675, 07676,
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11051, 11052, 11053, 11054, 11055,

Precious Minds Childrens Center provides quality day care and preschool services to children from
the following hospitals:
St Joseph's Medical Center, Yonkers General Hospital, St John's Riverside Hospital, New
York-Presbyterian Hospital, Rockland Children's Psych Ceter, St Josephs Hospital, North Central
Bronx Hospital, Parkway Hospital, Medina Memorial Hospital, Blythedale Children's Hospital
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